MediaCityUK: Richard Sumner interview

MediaCityUK Security System Upgrade: Meyertech Interview with Richard Sumner

Recently Meyertech delivered a unified security platform for Peel L&P at MediaCityUK in collaboration with Richard Sumner, Director of Advanced Security Partners (ASP).

Richard has been working with Peel L&P since 2015, and after tendering as an independent consultant he was selected by Tony Chebrika, Head of Security for Peel L&P to procure and manage the project at MediaCityUK. In 2019 Richard was named as a finalist at the Association of Security Consultants (ASC) annual awards, recognising his long-term work with Peel Land & Property, Peel Retail Parks and MediaCityUK.

Following the completion of the work Meyertech sat down with Richard to get his views on the project.

How did you go about designing the new security system for MediaCityUK?

Richard Sumner:

“The existing security systems at MediaCityUK worked independently making it difficult for control room staff to operate.

We started to design the new system in 2018 with the intention to implement event driven alarms and recordings. We utilised a mixture of technology (including wireless and leased landlines) across the sites to deliver live recordings to the system at MediaCityUK.”

What was your vision for the completed system?

Richard Sumner:

“The goal was to provide a unified security solution, operating through a single user interface, which could control all of the existing standalone systems on site. I wanted to provide Tony with a complete overview of how people moved around the buildings.”

How did Meyertech stand out from other interface suppliers?

Richard Sumner:

“Having searched the market to find a suitable interface supplier, Meyertech were the only company that were confident they could meet the requirements and move the project forward.”

Can you summarise what Meyertech have helped to deliver at MediaCityUK?

Richard Sumner:

“Meyertech has provided a platform that can manage all of the recorded events at the time an event was selected – When selecting an alarm the Meyertech system is able to capture Wavestore footage and provide incident details such as the captured footage along with the time of the event.

They have also developed unique integrations with Salto’s access control system, enabling operators to remotely lock and unlock wireless handle sets on site, as well as raising alarms for when doors are left open.

The site wide intercoms system has also been streamlined by the creation of bespoke map icons which enable operators to simply dial the relevant intercoms number for ease of use.

Most importantly Meyertech fulfilled the brief requirements and delivered everything within budget.”

Why did you opt for direct support rather than using a systems integrator?

Richard Sumner:

“Having direct support from Meyertech removes a line of communication which can cloud a situation. Dealing direct is simpler, quicker and provides a better SLA than it ever would via a systems integrator – Meyertech have the expertise and issues can be resolved 24 – 48 hours faster.”

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