Lone Worker App

For a long time lone workers have lacked an effective way of reporting back to the control room, leaving them vulnerable and ill-equipped in emergencies. With Amigo we are bringing a new level of convenience to the control room, enabling lone workers to manage their own appointments independently. What’s more, Amigo provides automated status reports back to the control room, allowing operators to monitor lone workers that are out in the field.

Key Features

  • Manage Appointments
    Enables lone workers to manage and extend their own appointments independently on the go.
  • Automated Monitoring
    If a lone worker fails to check in at the beginning of an appointment, or check out at the end, an alarm will be raised to notify the control room and escalate the situation.
  • FUSION Integration
    FUSION-Eclipse and FUSION-Audit integration enables users to manage, escalate and audit alerts.
  • Man Down Alarm (Future Update)
    If a lone worker falls the app will automatically detect it and send a notification back to the control room.
  • SOS Button
    In the event of an emergency a lone worker can press the ‘SOS Button’ to alert the monitoring control room of the situation.
  • Help Menu
    Provides an easy to use help index for users to access, allowing them to use the app with minimal guidance.
  • Position Reports (Future Update)
    Tracks a users location at pre-configured intervals and automatically reports them the control room.
  • GPS Location (Future Update)
    Enables control room operators to determine a lone worker’s location using GPS co-ordinates.
  • “Incorporating Amigo into your existing CCTV system will add value to the control room, creating a connected solution that really enhances the safety of staff.”

    David Wood

    Business Development Manager, Meyertech Ltd

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