Incident Logging Software

FUSION-Expert is the essential CCTV management tool that provides an easier way for supervisors to effectively manage their control room. Our paperless solution allows users to effortlessly create, view and edit incident logs in mere moments. Expert is available as a standalone package or it can integrated into our FUSION-Eclipse VMS, and through flexible licensing it gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what features you require, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Key Features

  • Incident Logging
    Solves the unique challenge of logging incidents in a busy environment. Provides users with the tools they need to quickly create and edit comprehensive logs effortlessly.
  • Whiteboard
    Enables operators to write and save messages for the Workstation or Console that is being used. A productive, communicative tool, Whiteboard can be used as a way for operators to communicate between shifts.
  • Remote RTVS
    Keeps a comprehensive record of all requests to view and seize to help maintain an organised workflow. The created records can be stored under configurable field names to meet the required procedures and terminology of your control room.
  • KPI Financial Analysis
    Allows you to see a real-time return on investment using a configurable financial breakdown that shows the total running costs per incident, camera or user.
  • Workflow
    Allows operators to create their own procedural library; import documents, images, and instructive charts which can outline incident requirements and response instructions for others when handling a specific record.
  • Customisable Layouts
    Allows users to create pre-set search filters, customise incident types and resize forms.
  • “The operators have found the system very user friendly. It is very easy to navigate and can be edited to the specific control room's needs, for example, the drop down incident categories can be entered as required.”

    Julia Stack

    Community Safety & CCTV Manager, Harrogate Borough Council

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