Video Management Software

FUSION-Eclipse is our high performance IP video management software (VMS) that is ideal for all markets. Built on the industry’s leading user interface and combined with new smart mapping technology, Eclipse enables operators to make clear, concise camera selections that will bring a high level of efficiency and reliability to any control room. What’s more, with its unrestricted licencing options and endless integration with leading camera and hardware manufacturers, Eclipse really is the only VMS you will ever need.

Third Party Integrations

Extend your solution to meet your exact business needs with a wide range of third-party integrations including:

Digital & Analogue Camera Integrations


Access Control Integrations

Access Control

PSIM Integrations


Video Analytics Integrations

Video Analytics

Network Integrations


Storage Integrations


Key Features

  • High Performance Recording & Playback
    Eclipse runs on a native 32-bit Windows operating system, providing powerful recording & playback capabilities that support an unlimited amount of HD cameras and displays.
  • Fail-Over Recording Servers
    Our resilient servers with fail-over minimise service disruption and ensure video viewing and recording capabilities are maintained at all times.
  • Intuitive Interface
    The most user-friendly GUI in the industry. Eclipse requires almost no training for users to understand and operate it effectively.
  • Network Video Storage
    Based on ONVIF Profile-G, NVS allows organisations to leverage their own internal IT infrastructure as part of their overall IT strategy.
  • Third Party Integrations
    Our video management software integrates with a wide range of third party technologies including: cameras, encoders, alarms and access control. View Interoperability Partners
  • Unlimited System Scalability
    Eclipse supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites to meet your immediate and growing needs without having to upgrade versions.
  • 3D, Deep Zoom & GIS Mapping
    Eclipse provides clear and concise Smart Maps that enables users to react quickly and make accurate camera selections during emergencies and incidents.
  • ONVIF Compliant
    Our video management software is fully compliant with ONVIF Profile-S.
  • Video Wall
    An invaluable resource which can be used by the whole control room team to manage incidents, oversee events and develop a structured workflow in a production environment.
  • User Permissions
    Administrators can control user access permissions, enabling them to effectively manage sites with multiple users by assigning varying access levels to each user.

VMS Enhancements

  • Incident Logging
    FUSION-Expert is our paperless CCTV management solution that allows users to effortlessly create, view and edit incident logs in mere moments. Learn More
  • Mobile CCTV
    FUSION-Reach is the perfect surveillance utility, pushing the capabilities of CCTV beyond the control room. It enables you to view and control your cameras on the move using a mobile device wherever there is internet coverage. Learn More
  • Audit
    FUSION-Audit is a management tool used to audit all the activity across your system including: users, cameras and alarms. The data can then be used to provide detailed audit trails for management and incidents. Learn More
  • IP CCTV Network Enhancement
    FUSION-Streamcaster reduces the bandwidth demand of your system, helping to improve video image quality, prevent dropped connections and reduce running costs. Learn More
  • Lone Worker App
    Amigo is our Lone Worker app that enables users to manage their own appointments independently. What’s more Amigo provides automated status reports allowing operators to proactively monitor lone workers out in the field. Learn More

ONVIF Profile S

Profile S is designed for IP-based video systems. FUSION-Eclipse is a Profile S client that can configure, request, and control video streaming over an IP network from a Profile S device. It also supports PTZ control, audio, metadata streaming, and relay outputs.

  • “The FUSION system delivers a high level of availability and reliability - we have always found Meyertech responsive to any special requirements that daa have had.”

    John Heffernan

    Chief Development Manager, Dublin Airport

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