IP CCTV Network Enhancement

With medium to large scale IP based CCTV systems there is a cumbersome demand to deliver a large number of video streams from cameras and encoders. This places strain on the IP network to sustain the delivery of multiple streams which could result in dropped connections and poor image quality. To prevent this many systems try to limit the number of streams they have available to reduce demand, but now there is a better solution – Meyertech’s FUSION-Streamcaster software.

Key Features

  • Single Profile Streams
    Reduces the streaming requirements from cameras and encoders to only one stream for each profile, therefore drastically reducing the demand on the IP network.
  • Enhanced Connections
    Improves the connection quality to workstations, monitor walls and recording systems making them more sustainable.
  • Reduced Costs
    Significantly reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to effectivley operate your system, therefore reducing the overall running costs.
  • Improved Reliability
    Helps to prevent dropped connections and poor image quality with picture break-up.

FUSION-Streamcaster Workflow

Streamcaster is typically installed on servers at the core of the IP network and configured to connect only the minimum number of stream profiles required to implement the design. By being at the core of the IP network (where bandwidth is at its maximum) it recasts the streams multiple times to the clients (E.G. user workstations) reducing the bandwidth needed to operate the system effectively.

FUSION-Streamcaster Workflow
  • “FUSION-Streamcaster enables larger-scale IP based CCTV systems to really thrive under the heavy workloads generated by cameras and encoders.”

    Stuart Meyers

    Director, Meyertech Ltd

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