Auditing Software

FUSION-Audit is an essential control room management tool used to automatically record operator and system activity across the security network. With its powerful search tools you can quickly filter through the collected data and generate tabular or graphical reports to review your systems performance. Typically Audit monitors events such as: operator shift times, cameras selections, DVR / NVR operation and alarms, making it very useful for highlighting any issues with particular equipment and operational tasks.

Key Features

  • Useage Statistics
    Audit enables control room managers to record, store and filter through millions of operator and system activity reports. Ideal for monitoring the performance of your system.
  • Graph Production
    Enables managers to produce detailed graphs and reports in a single click from the filtered data.
  • Automated Data Management
    Enables stored data to be managed automatically using scheduled tasks including data removal and data backup.
  • Security Log-On
    Forces operators to log-on to Audit to use it’s functions and, with each operator having specific allocated rights, control to various parts of the system is managed.
  • Audit Trails
    In the event of an incident, Audit enables managers to produce a detailed trail of events per operator, workstation or keyboard.
  • Powerful Data Filtering
    Using its comprehensive built-in search facilities, managers can easily filter, group and export recorded data.
  • “The Fusion package has made it much easier to have a full audit trail of all incidents and produced evidence. There is the capability of a full system audit which allows management to ensure that the operators time is being used fully and effectively.”

    Julia Stack

    Community Safety & CCTV Manager, Harrogate Borough Council

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