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Welcome New Inspire Partners

Meyertech’s Inspire Partner Programme has grown substantially in the last three years, helping to establish over 120 working relationships with organisations across the globe. Every month our partners are taking advantage of over 50 benefits available to them including: priority support, free training and exclusive product discounts.

This quarter we’ve had a host of partner renewals including: Baydale, Chroma Vision, Siemens, SITA and Telent. We are also pleased to welcome our newest partner, VIZSEC UK.

To kick off the New Year we are offering all of our partners double gratis support credits on orders made between January 2nd and January 31st. What’s more we will also be providing free training courses on new products purchased during this time.

We’re always looking to connect with new organisations and build relationships, so if you would like to get involved with our Inspire Partner Programme you can contact us by email at or call us on +44 (0)161 643 7956.

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