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Meet Amigo, Our New Lone Worker Android App!

On Tuesday 14th November we will be releasing FUSION-Amigo, our new lone worker app which turns your android smart phone or tablet into a personal safety device. For a long time, lone workers have lacked an effective way of reporting back to their CCTV control room whilst in the field, leaving them vulnerable and ill-equipped in the event of an emergency. With Amigo, lone workers are able to manage their own schedules independently, checking in and out of appointments on-site whilst the app provides automated status reports to the monitoring control room.

FUSION-Amigo has been developed to reduce risk and to add an extra layer of protection for staff on-site. It is through a proactive monitoring and preemptive alarms that Amigo protects lone workers. In the event that a lone worker fails to check-in or check-out of an appointment, an alarm is raised to notify the control room and escalate the situation. As an additional benefit to Amigo, you can activate your own SOS button to manually alert the control room and raise an alarm, communicating a need for help instantaneously.

Incorporating Amigo into your existing CCTV system will add value to your control room, creating a connected solution that really enhances the safety of staff. Amigo will be available from the 14th November on all android devices with the latest firmware updates.

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