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FUSION-Streamcaster Out Now!

Does your CCTV network suffer from stream limitations, unreliable connections or poor video stream quality? With medium to large scale IP based CCTV systems there is a cumbersome demand to deliver a large number of video streams from cameras and encoders. This places strain on the IP network to sustain the delivery of multiple streams which could result in dropped connections and poor image quality. To prevent this many systems try to limit the number of streams they have available to reduce demand, but now there is a better solution – Meyertech’s FUSION-Streamcaster software.

Installed at the core of your IP network, FUSION-Streamcaster is configured to connect only the minimum number of stream profiles it requires. As a result it is able to recast the streams multiple times to its clients (I.E. user workstations) using only a single stream for each profile from the camera or encoder. By incorporating Streamcaster into your CCTV system you will:

1. Reduce the bandwidth required for video streams.
2. Improve connection stability and image quality.
3. Reduce the costs of implementing your solution as less bandwidth is required to operate it.

So if your IP based CCTV system suffers from unreliable connections or poor video stream quality, FUSION-Streamcaster is the answer. Order today via our sales team at or for more information please visit our website.

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